Keep2Share V.I.P FAQ

Keep2Share V.I.P FAQ

How can you become one? Just follow these steps!



Step 1

Close all other windows of your browser

the sale might go to other file, when people open many windows with links, you does not even know which link was the last one

Now click on this below keep2s link

Buy a Keep2Share premium account After Clicking Below link or image link

Keep2Share Premium

(you dont have to download this file,just go to step 3 after clicking on a number)

**PS: This is a referal system**

Step 2

Now you must create a 3-month account! (or more – it is your choice!!)

Step 3

Please Choose your preferred payment Methods!

Step 3.1


Step 4

After Creating a premium account. I need to know your the Link that you click to bought a premium also don’t foget to mention yours account premium duration & time & date, your country name of your purchase… you can find time & date on your Keep2Share registered Email

Step 5

The mail forward me MUST BE titles as:

*VIP – FILE ID YOUR username on Keep2Share*

Example 1: V.I.P – DIRECTBigBoobs

Example 2: V.I.P – Ethan

In message type : Premium account duration also time and date your country name please check Step 4-

You will be upgraded to V.I.P. within 24-48 hours normally and have access to the high quality stuff!

Not understanding this method! Don’t worry 🙂 just Send an email to me! [[email protected]]

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