Unpack Problems

This is a tutorial how to properly unpack/unrar the files you’ve downloaded from DirectBigBoobsRELOADED.Net

If you can’t unrar the files you’ve downloaded please make sure that the following requirements are given:

1. Make sure you are using the latest version of WinRar download or 7zip download

2. The password for the files (if not otherwise specified) is always “”. If you receive a message that displays “wrong password?” try to type in the password manually (not by copy and paste).

Most common errors and how to solve them

1. Corrupted files/parts
During the download process it sometimes happened that files/parts are not transferred properly. This problem can be solved by re-downloading the corrupted file/part. To figure our which part is corrupted, you have to read the “Diagnostic Message” which will be displayed (in most cases as “Packed Data CRC failed”) after the (failed) unrar-process.

2. Wrong password or corrupted during upload process
Sometimes it happen that the password is wrong because the uploader entered it wrong during the packing-process or the files getting corrupted during the upload process. In this case there is no chance to unpack the file. Please contact the uploader and point out the problem.

If winrar shows you the CRC-Corrupted message you can be sure, that the password you’ve entered is right, but at least one of the parts you’ve downloaded are corrupted. Winrar will not unpack the file in this case. I figured out that the program 7Zip will unzip those files anyways. 7Zip is freeware, too. You can download it at

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