Aug 26

Tyra Moore – Pornstar Collection


Tyra Moore Mega Collection
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If you think Tyra Banks is hot, but you want way more than a pretty face, then let us introduce you to Tyra Moore. What this light-skinned cutie has more of is all packed into her awesome rack. Tyra’s got a great pair of balloons, and they’re filled with only the most natural fuck weight. Her boobs can wrap themselves around a train of dicks and squish together on the other side. You could suck on Tyra’s thick blueberry nipples until you become lactose intolerant. She’s got a modelesque face and a fun-loving horniness that just can’t be beat. Tyra grew up in San Francisco and made her way down south to Los Angeles as soon as she turned legal. Getting a first taste of the sex biz by dancing in the strip clubs, Tyra was slowly discovering her awesome boner-inducing might. She graduated slowly to softcore, then got into harder stuff before finally doing some heavy cock-to-vaj slamming. Tyra gives 150% passion in every scene she does, with authentic screaming and real orgasms. You can practically taste the tears of joy and the droplets of pussy sweat as Tyra rides the ramrod all the way to our hearts and balls. When a girl like Tyra loves to suck and fuck like she does, it inspires hope in all of us that our dream jobs are just around the corner.

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