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Vanessa & Leigh Darby – Mounds of Lust – Euro Girls On Girls – FullHD 1080p

Vanessa – Pigtails – 720p

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Duration: 0:19:58
Resolution: 1280×720
Format: mp4
Size: 629Mb

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Vanessa – Sex Vanessa in Computer Fuck Fix – Pornstar Platinum – FullHD 1080p

Vanessa – DDF52252 – 03/29/13

Vanessa - DDF52252 - 03/29/13

Resolution : 2000 px
Photos : 125 + cover
Size : 67,0 MB

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Vanessa DDF51246 – 06/07/13 *Pic sets**

Resolution : 2000 px
Photos : 135 + cover
Size : 207,1 MB

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Vanessa – Bed – No2silicone – 2012 – 1080p

Vanessa - Bed - No2silicone - 2012 - 1080p

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Format: WMV | Size: 117.23 MB | Duration: 00:05:08 | Video: 1440×1080

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Vanessa – Bed – No2Silicone – 720p

Vanessa - Bed - No2Silicone - 720p

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Format: WMV | Size: 117.23 MB | Duration: 00:05:08 | Video: 1440×1080

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Joana, Vanessa – Game On For The Busty Goddesses – 14 MAR 2014 720P

Joana, Vanessa - Game On For The Busty Goddesses - 14 MAR 2014 720P
Huge-boobed pool hall hustlers? Huge-boobed, yes. Hustlers, no. When Joana and Vanessa met for the first time and decided to shoot a game of pool, boob history was made. They definitely know how to handle a stick and they definitely know how to rack ’em up!
Format: WMV | Size: 334.64 MB | Duration: 00:20:29 | Video: 1280×720

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Vanessa – Force of Nature – DDFBusty – 21 FEB 2014 720P

Vanessa - Force of Nature - DDFBusty - 21 FEB 2014 720P
Vanessa is back for us today, because we know you just can’t get enough of this amazing gal! Gaze ye, pilgrims, upon the wonder of this Polish goddess as she stands before us in her low-cut red minidress that showcases her glorious thighs just as much as her delicious cleavage. It is appropriate that the dress has cut-out slits on the side, because they are symbolic of the fact that no mere frock can contain this redheaded force of nature! Taking out a black dildo even as she lowers the front of her garment, she displays those mouthwatering 34DD glands, pressing them together as our DDF lenses come close to capture the surface of her massive nipples. Vanessa gets down to her thong, posing on the bed on her knees for that swinging swaying action we love, and laying on her back for the pancake views we always ache for more of. Vanessa does it all, spreading her clam really wide to reveal its intoxicatingly bright color, then services her own yearning needs with the toy deeply into her core. Wow! Another totally terrific scene from this goddess, who walks away with Model of the Day kudos in her nude pics and Full HD video!
Format: MP4 | Size: 1.17 GB | Duration: 00:24:57 | Video: 1280×720

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Vanessa – Bounty in her Blouse – DDFBusty – 13 JAN 2014 720P

Vanessa - Bounty in her Blouse - DDFBusty - 13 JAN 2014 720P
What could be nicer than sitting in the leafy shade of a garden in the south of France with the legendary Vanessa from Poland as your companion in pleasure? Be here today to see what we mean. Outfitted in her shiny black minidress, under which you can glimpse her satiny red and black lace brassiere, Vanessa greets you in the gazebo, teasing with her deep cleavage as she sits flirtatiously on the stone table. Taking off the frock, she soon enough unleashes her 34DD glands out of the boulder-holder, squeezing those humongous squachies together with her upper arms even as she peels down the matching panties that barely cover her well-trimmed snatch and cu…
Format: MP4 | Size: 958.92 MB | Duration: 00:20:02 | Video: 1280×720


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DDFBusty – Vanessa – Poolside Paradise 720p WebRip (2013)

DDFBusty - Vanessa - Poolside Paradise 720p WebRip (2013)
How’d you like to do a little sunbathing with Vanessa from Poland? Well, today you get the opportunity to fantasize about lolling around at the pool with this incredibly statuesque beauty, as she lounges in her black bikini and suns that glorious 34DD-30-41 body. It would be paradise: maybe she’d want one of us to put suntan oil on her, running our hands along the slopes of her matchless mams…or maybe she’d want us to lay naked on our bellies gazing up at her and rubbing our cocks on the tiles as she looked down and teased from above with her tatas, letting them burst out of her bikini top to sway and swing before us? Then again, maybe we could…
Format: Mp4 | Size: 1.43 GB | Duration: 00:24:56 | Video: 1280×720

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DDFBusty – Vanessa – The Incredible One 720p WebRip (2013)

DDFBusty - Vanessa - The Incredible One 720p WebRip (2013)
Nothing like starting off the week with a new set of one of our top favorites around here, the one and only Vanessa from Poland, whom we like to think of as “The Incredible One!” Her warm inviting face tops a body that can only be described as BEYOND legendary! Standing 5’5” with a 34DD-30-41 figure of primal womanliness, she has curves to spare and the posing talents to make you feel she’s right there next to you! You can almost feel the sweetness of her breath on your face as she stands close to the camera and squeezes those colossal bells together, or hefts them in her hands as she gets into a Jacuzzi full of splashing water. Look at her h…
Format: Mp4 | Size: 1.69 GB | Duration: 00:29:30 | Video: 1280×720

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DDFBusty – Carol & Vanessa – Sumptuous Serving 540p WebRip (2013)

DDFBusty - Carol & Vanessa - Sumptuous Serving 540p WebRip (2013)

Today Carol from the Czech Republic and Vanessa from Poland do a scene together that not only brings us lots of boob-power, but some delicious MILFiness too because the thirty-three year old Carol and the thirty-four year old Vanessa have that experienced air about them that turns cocks stiff wherever they go! Take a moment, gents: can’t you just imagine them on a shopping expedition one afternoon, having fun hanging out and trying on dresses and shoes and handbags, and then returning to the hotel room they’ve taken for the day to explore their bodies as they do in this sumptuous serving of big natural boobs? Watch them romp on a four-poster bed in…
Format: Mp4 | Size: 1.24 GB | Duration: 00:37:59 | Video: 960×540

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Vanessa And Leigh Darby – Sensual And Slippery – Sept 25 2013 – 720p

Vanessa And Leigh Darby - Sensual And Slippery - Sept 25 2013 - 720p


We’ve got two torrid temptresses for you today as Leigh “34D” Darby from Great Britain and Vanessa “34DD” from Poland relax in the sunshine for what turns into a mutual massage and vibrator session. It starts with Leigh pouring oil onto the enormous Vanessa glands and rubbing in the stuff until those Polish wonders are glistening as Leigh’s red-polished fingertips heft the meat upward with every soothing kneading movement. Our DDF cameras get right in there capturing every sensual and slippery moment of the action, as Leigh presses her own paps against Vanessa’s and gets rewarded with some nipple-sucking while she explores Vanessa’s vee…

Format: mp4 | Size: 1.68 GB | Duration: 00:29:21 | Video: 1280×720

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Leigh Darby And Vanessa – Poolside Worship – HotLegsandFeet – Aug 27 2013 – 720p

Leigh Darby And Vanessa - Poolside Worship - HotLegsandFeet - Aug 27 2013 - 720p


Take two colossally endowed big breast babes and put them in their bathing suits on the edge of a pool, and what do you have? The makings of a foot fetish show par excellence as Leigh “34G” Darby from the United Kingdom and Vanessa and her 34DDs from Poland have some toe sucking fun in the drink. From the moment you see their twenty red-polished toenails under the water in their fetish XXX video and nude pics (yes, those bathing suits come off quickly), you’ll be in kinky heaven, and that’s only the beginning. See them wiggling their piggies at the camera, and kissing and rubbing their wet wrinkled soles, and titty fucking each other and plungi…

Format: mp4 | Size: 879.78 MB | Duration: 00:29:32 | Video: 1280×720

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Vanessa – Mammary Perfection – DDFBusty – Aug 23 2013 – 720p

Vanessa - Mammary Perfection - DDFBusty


Another model who’s got a lot of fans “addicted” to her is Vanessa from Poland, and here she is again today to satisfy all our cravings! Posing outdoors in a colorful frock with a low-cut yet tasteful bodice, this mahogany-tressed busty pornstar gives us her warm, friendly smile even as she lifts up the hem of her dress to show the black-lace-pantied pussy just below the spectacular line of her cleavage. Our DDF cameras capture Vanessa from all the angles you like–straight ahead, staring down, and looking up at her as the breasty divinity she is!! Hefting her hooters in her red-polished fingertips, she slides her tongue between her ta-tas, just like millions of men would like to do. Taking down her garment, she presents her paps with pride in all their tan-lined splendor, before turning around to give our eyeballs some great tushy vistas too. Vanessa has it all, and she gives us all, as she takes out her sleek black vibe to fuck her snatch while she leans back and pushes her boobs together into a mountain range of mammary perfection! All the time she plays with her pussy in her nude pics and Full HD video, she looks right at us, urging us to get into the picture and shoot our loads all over her rack!!

Format: mp4 | Size: 645.27 MB | Duration: 00:21:33 | Video: 1280×720 

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